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For all appointments & enquiries, please call (02) 9997-2164.

We have rooms located both in Mona Vale and in Frenchs Forest. You can elect where is more convenient for you based on your location and our doctors availability. Please contact us using the information below:

We are located at

Parking is available

  • Free parking is available for 3 hours under our building: Entry via Bungan Lane – Lift located on this level will take you straight to level 5 – Disabled parking also available
  • Free parking is also available for 2 hours in the Bungan Street car park opposite the Bungan Lane entry.
  • Limited timed street parking.
  • Peninsula Gastroenterology
    Northern Beaches Hospital Specialist Suite 19, Level 7
    105 Frenchs Forest Road Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
  • (02) 9997-2164
  • (02) 9979-6549

Parking is available

Parking Fees set by NSW Health:

DURATION fee including GST*
Up to 15mins FREE
Up to 1 hour $6.70
Up to 2 hour $9.90
Up to 3 hour $13.30
Up to 4 hour $15.50
Up to 5 hour $17.80
More than 5 hours $19.90

Concession Parking Rates

DURATION fee including GST*
Up to 3 hours FREE Eligibility for all concession must be considered upon arrival, please go to Concierge just inside Hospital Main Entrance
1 Exit only $5.50 Single visit ticket valid for one entry and one exit only within a 24hour period where parking time is greater than 3 hours
3 Day ticket $11.10 Frequent use ticket allowing multiple entries and exits in a 3 day period.
7 Day ticket $22.20 Frequent use ticket allowing multiple entries and exits in a 7 day period

*additional 0.8% on payments made via credit card(MasterCard and Visa only)in the car park.

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