Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Direct Access no-gap flexible sigmoidoscopy is available for most insured patients.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a brief procedure used to view the lower large intestine using an instrument called a colonoscope; a thin flexible tube with a small camera and light source attached to its tip.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy can be performed with or without sedation, usually as a day only procedure. Your bowel will be cleansed with an enema preparation administered by a nurse, before the procedure. The colonoscope is gently advanced for your doctor to view the lower third of the bowel. Any polyps or growths detected by the colonoscope can be removed and sent for analysis.

This is a safe procedure to examine the lower intestine, and the potential complications of bleeding or perforation are extremely rare.

Information for Referring Doctors

Clinical practice guidelines for surveillance Sigmoidoscopy.
(If you are a patient having a procedure with us, you will be sent instructions personalised to you. Refer to these instructions for your specific case.)

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